From his secret bunker-studio, DJ Dex Vinyl will take you on a weekly guided tour of his enormous, eclectic, and ever-growing collection of music, from pre-WWII shellacs, to the very latest releases in this revived format.

This magical mystery tour will take you through eras, artists, and genres that you might not expect to hear on a local radio station and hopefully, it might bring back a few memories too.

Adding everything into the catalogue is a real labour of love and will take a considerable amount of time.

Our team are dedicated to getting the cataloging completed as soon as possible.

At present we estimate we have in the region of 3,000 individual records totalling 15,000+ tracks. But we buy records regularly, both New Releases and Legacy Collections.

In the Vinyl Vault, we have records that go back as far as 78rpm Pre-War schellac, although you won't find these in the website you will hear them occasionally on the show. The vast majority of our library is the more recognisable record, 12" album, 10", and 7" (and 12") single.

We have organised the shelves in the Vinyl Vault based on some of the genres listed in release details on the premier music cataloguing site Discogs.

We have decided to merge some shelves for ease, and to prevent having categories (shelves) with only a few records in them. For example. Electronic, Hip Hop and music that is regularly in the UK mainstream charts is generally filed under Pop. There are some shelves that contain multiple genres, like Jazz & Blues & Funk & Soul or Rock & Metal these were added together because they are natural collections.

The Vinyl Vault is primarily a Radio Show, which is broadcast on Lizard FM and Dex always broadcasts the show LIVE on his dLive channel. When the radio show is not live, he does broadcast on dLive at other times, and there is usually a record being played as Dex doesn't own a CD player, or have a Spotify or iTunes Music account.