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A while ago, a new feature was conceived, but never put into being until now, Find Out More !

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Sun 18 Nov 2018

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Dex Vinyl

A while ago, a new feature was conceived, but never put into being until now, Find Out More !

Hi Everyone

Back in the heatwave that was the summer, a new idea for the website was conceived for The Vinyl Vault Website, not something that would be a particularly regular feature, but something that we will be asking all our guests to partake in, and of course you, our listeners can tale part too.

That feature is The Post | Apocalypse Playlist.

In part, this feature came about from a few series of books that I had been listening to on AudioBook about 2 different Post Apocalyptic worlds.

If you are interested in those Audio Book Series, you can get them on Audible, Hell Divers by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Commune by Joshua Gayou and others but these are the main two catalysts for the series.

These series got me thinking, if there was a Nuclear Apocalypse warning, and I could grab a small box of records, what would I grab to listen too until the end of days?

My answers will appear in the section at some point!


The advance warning horns have gone off, and you can carry the following as your 'luxury entertainment items'.

It is known already that there is a record player being provided.

2 Box Sets
10 Single sleeve albums (can be 1, 2 or 3 records in that sleeve)
10 7 inch singles
1 book about vinyl

You do not have to carry all of the items if you choose not to.

If you want to take part, send your suggestions, to The Vinyl Vault Studio if your choices of record are in The Vinyl Vault we will link to them so everyone can see whats on the records you choose.

As ever, I'll catch you on the flip side and keep putting that needle on the records, (carefully) and we'll see you on air!

Maximum Of 2 Box Sets

Maximum Of 10 Albums

Maximum Of 10 Singles

Maximum Of 1 Book about Music

No Book Selected

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