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Dex Has A Bee In His Bonnet About Somnething, Read On To Find Out More

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Mon 16 Nov 2020

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Dex Vinyl

Dex Has A Bee In His Bonnet About Somnething, Read On To Find Out More

Just a quick post to say, I'm Sorry for recommending to you all a few weeks ago to go to your local newsagent and get the Queen Vinyl Collection.

When I posted a few weeks ago recommending the series, all the materials, and packaging were saying that the collection was going to be completed in 25 issues but I WAS WRONG.

When I got home with Issue 4, Innuendo, there was a small, A5 Printed sheet saying that this was 'Only A Trial' and that the trial was coming to an end and not being continued.

I immediately called Hachette on the number on the website, and was assured that the collection would be continuing, so I thought OK, maybe that was a mistake that it was included. The publishers SHOULD know whats happening.

2 Weeks later though I went to my local newsagent to get the next issue, he told me that he hadnt been able to get it, but would keep trying to get it.
I had my suspicions that he wouldn't be able to get it, because of the flyer I found in the previous edition.
So ... Again, a phone call to Hachette to be told No, the series is cancelled

Why am I so annoyed about the early ending of the series?

All the packaging, and the website for the series, listed all 25 albums, as coming up. So to me, that implies a contract with the purchaser of the series, they even offered a subscription service for it!

I am lucky, I had a few of the albums, but I wanted to get the whole collection, even the duplicates.

The quality of the albums that I did recieve was FANTASTIC I was going to write a post about them but that post has been shelved.

I hope that the series will restart, at some point, but there is no news about that at the present time.

As ever, I'll catch you on the flip side and keep putting that needle on the records, (carefully) and we'll see you on air!

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