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What does Dex's local newsagent have to do with Vinyl and the legendary Rock band Queen? Find out by reading more ......

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Sat 10 Oct 2020

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Dex Vinyl

What does Dex's local newsagent have to do with Vinyl and the legendary Rock band Queen? Find out by reading more ......

I was walking around my local newsagent, buying some snacks, just before they closed tonight, and I came across something, which my Vinyl Addict brain just couldn't ignore. On the top of a cabinet, was a lone copy of Issue 2 of The Queen Collection, a part-work magazine which gives you each fortnight one of the classic Queen albums on Vinyl. The second issue was released today, and fortunately (for me) there was a copy of Issue one on the top of the return box ready to go out to the locker in the morning ... so I snaffled that too. The part-work is published by Hatchett Partworks and is authorised and licenced by EMI/Virgin and Queen. It is expected to run to 25 Issues, costs are as follows: Issue 1 is available for the special price of £9.99. All subsequent single LPs will be priced at £16.99 and double and triple LPs will be priced at £24.99

Here's a list of issues that are currently planned, with how many records are in each issue.

  1. A Kind Of Magic (1986) [Single]
  2. A Night At The Opera (1975) [Single]
  3. Queen (1973) [Single]
  4. Innuendo (1991) [Double]
  5. Queen II (1974) [Single]
  6. Made In Heaven (1995) [Double]
  7. The Miracle (1989) [Single]
  8. Greatest Hits (1981) [Double]
  9. Sheer Heart Attack (1974) [Single]
  10. Live Killers (1979) [Double]
  11. Greatest Hits II (1991) [Double]
  12. A Day At The Races (1976) [Single]
  13. Live At The Rainbow (2014) [Double]
  14. The Works (1984) [Single]
  15. Queen On Fire, Live At The Bowl (2004) [Triple]
  16. News Of The World (1977) [Single]
  17. Greatest Hits III (1999) [Double]
  18. The Game (1980) [Single]
  19. Live At Wembley Stadium (2003) [Triple]
  20. Hot Space (1982) [Single]
  21. Rock Montreal (2007) [Triple]
  22. Flash Gordon (1980) [Single]
  23. A Night At The Odeon (2015) [Double]
  24. Jazz (1978) [Single]
  25. On Air (2016) [Triple]

So that's 13 x Single Albums, 8 x Double Albums and 4 x Triple Albums.


Back in 2015 Queen released a box set of albums, that currently is retailing on Discogs for upwards of £400, and only contains 15 of the above albums, making, in my opinion, this part-work excellent value for money. With each issue, you get a short (10 Page average) booklet that will go into a file (Yes, you have to buy them separately from Hatchette if you want them), and Subscriptions are available should you rather, and further information including FAQ's are available at the website link below. Personally, I have the local newsagent keeping a copy for me each fortnight.

I will be writing a review of the quality of the records in a few weeks once I have purchased a few more issues, giving a larger sample size of records. We all know and love the quality of the Queen original music, I just hope that these pressings treat the music well.

Visit Hachette Partworks Dedicated Queen Vinyl Collection Website

As ever, I'll catch you on the flip side and keep putting that needle on the records, (carefully) and we'll see you on air!

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