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Dex discusses what's new in the Vinyl Vault, a few changes, and the future

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Tue 04 Sep 2018

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Dex Vinyl

Dex discusses what's new in the Vinyl Vault, a few changes, and the future

Hi Everyone

Well its been a quiet few months from within the Vinyl Vault, hasn't it? as you can see, we have a new website, the online catalogue sadly didn't survive the move, but the re-stocking is taking shape well, and it wont be long before we're back to full listings.

So what's CHANGED?
A few things have changed, the presenter line up from now will be Dex only. Dex and Babbit sadly separated during the break, nothing more can be said about this, and nothing more will be said.
Dex has moved his studio away from Staffordshire, and is now nicely ensconced in a very similar vault in the North West

Thats the changes, so whats NEW?
Exciting times are ahead in the Vinyl Vault, Dex has been in touch with a few of the major vinyl record distributors and should be starting to get copies of new releases coming through soon to review and play on the show (subject to embargoes etc) so watch out for the reviews coming soon to the site.
Whilst we are waiting for some of these new records to start arriving, Dex will be writing reviews of come Classic Albums, that are part of the Vinyl Vault. Both New and Classic album reviews will be being released weekly. What day I hear you ask? That hasn't been decided yet, so I can't tell you.
As you might have seen from yesterday's show, we are now simulcasting each and every live show on Twitch.TV if you tune into the Twitch Stream, you can join the chat, and also watch what goes on behind the scenes in whilst the show is being broadcast. You can of course hear all the great music we are playing.

Lots of new and exciting things there, so what's OLD whats staying, or going, or even making a return?
Once the catalogue has been put back online and sorted into order, Golden Years will be making a return, many of you enjoyed them, as did Dex. Don't forget a Golden Year is 20 minutes of back-to-back tracks from a given year, once each hour, the years as usual will be from different decades.
Featured Artists are going to be making a comeback too, Dex will be selecting an artist from the Vault and weaving his magic to make the whole show from their back catalogue. Dex already knows who the first one will be!
Interviews have always been Dex's weak point, but he wants to bring them back to the show. Many interview requests have been sent out, some are in the planning stages already, stay tuned for more info on forthcoming guests.

There is much more to tell you, but that can be saved for the show!

As ever, I'll catch you on the flip side and keep putting that needle on the records, (carefully) and we'll see you on air!

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